Cooperation and maintenance
of office equipment in Moscow

Dear partners!

Company LLC "Kuantas Systems" offers you to reduce costs and optimize the process of solving problems to maintain the fleet of office equipment of your organization.

Our company is engaged in the prevention and repair of office equipment, the supply of consumables and equipment, the professional recycling of cartridges.

Our experience allows us to take into account the dynamically changing market situation. The competence and professionalism of the company's employees help to offer the customer the optimum solution that will satisfy his requirements as much as possible.

Inviting to cooperation, our company offers you:

The main principle of our company's work is timely delivery of cartridges and repair of office equipment at competitive prices with high quality of service.

Our prices do not depend on currency fluctuations, which means that you can make long-term planning of your expenses for this type of services.

When ordering the recycling of cartridges, you can be sure that the quality and characteristics of the goods will be as close to the original as possible. Works are performed on imported equipment in accordance with the technological regulations. We provide the most acceptable and convenient for our partners conditions for repair and maintenance of office equipment.

Warranties For each cartridge, at the end of the work, a guarantee seal of the company "Kuantas Systems" and a label with the name and date of the performed work are established


Service Company "Kuantas Systems" guarantees convenient service and quality service to our customers! Our company has its own service center for copying and duplicating equipment. We carry out all kinds of works connected with the repair of office equipment. Service services of the company "Kuantas Systems" are brought to the level of one call, after which our company takes care of all the concerns related to transportation, manufacturing and solving various issues!

Savings When you recycle cartridges, you save up to 50% of the budget allocated to the purchase of original consumables. Cartridges "Kuantas System" is not inferior to the original. The recycling process is multiple, which allows to increase the service life of the cartridges by several years. Each imprint using the "Kuantas System" cartridges will save your money again and again!

Additional services We are pleased to offer you a wide range of office and household goods, a large selection of paper for your office equipment, a bonus program in cooperation with us in the maintenance of office equipment. On our site the online catalog of the goods is presented, and also it can be taken from our representatives.

You get economic benefit, and at the same time, high quality of printing and factory life of your office equipment is preserved.

We hope for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.